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5 Universal Truths to Ponder when setting New Year's Resolution(s)

The New Year is just around the corner, which means it is time to decide on a New Year’s Resolution.  I find myself wondering if I should even make one.  After all, I’ve seen some stats that suggest 92% of … Continue reading

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Are you paying attention? The Healthcare Reform Proposal.

Wow–from stepping lightly into communicating with the world to marching right into a political opinion.  I’m probably moving about as far along the continuum of a controversial pendulum in a 24 hour period of time as is humanely possible. However, … Continue reading

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Social Networking–Cautiously Getting Started

It’s been a long hard path but my colleagues have finally ‘shamed’ me into participating in the ‘other side of the web.’  I’m referring to connecting, communicating and networking with others around the globe.  What has taken me soooo long?  … Continue reading

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