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4-Day School Week–How might it impact student learning?

Schools continue to look for solutions to the financial crunch they are feeling. Most solutions under consideration are designed to operate schools in more efficient ways, as opposed to systemically redesigning the delivery system. Moving to a four-day school week … Continue reading

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How Does Consolidation of School Districts Impact Student Learning?

There is no doubt, the post legislative audit released last week in the State of Kansas provided a lot of ‘fodder’ for discussion. I, too, ‘pawed’ over the report looking to see how realistic the proposed consolidation seemed, and like … Continue reading

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Consolidation–The Dirty "C" Word

It appears there is no relief in the short-term for the financial woes that schools in Kansas and many other states are feeling. An article in today’s edition of The Hutchinson News summarizes the results of last year’s legislative post-audit. … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy in Schools

Recently I overhead a debate about whether schools should teach ‘financial literacy’ or not.  On the one hand, it was being argued that it is not the school’s responsibility, that this should be done in the home and we need … Continue reading

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Student Motivation

Teachers who tell that you kids that today just aren’t motivated truly don’t understand much about motivation.  It might, however be accurate to say that some kids aren’t motivated to do the things they being are asked to do in … Continue reading

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