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NCLB–Unrealized Expectations

As the name implies, NCLB was the legislation designed to ensure that “No Child Would Be Left Behind.” Of course, from the onset, it was clear that nobody really believed this would happen. After all, each state was required to … Continue reading

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Cyberbullying–The role of Schools

In the wake of student suicides attributed to cyberbullying, the spotlight seems to be focused squarely on schools, asking what schools are going to do about it. Bullying itself, is not a new phenomenon, but certainly the advent of technology … Continue reading

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Common Core Standards–Their Impact at the Classroom Level

The last time I checked, only 11 states had not yet adopted the Common Core Standards. Given the widespread commitment to the common set of standards, I find myself asking what difference this will make at the classroom level. Past … Continue reading

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At my fingertips

Last week, I rode along with my husband on one of his business trips. Technology made this possible. With my laptop and a wireless USB stick I was connected to my work for all but a few miles. Additionally, I … Continue reading

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