What do we really want for graduates?

There seems to be little dispute about the idea that a well-educated society is a key predictor for the economic success of a country. However, defining ‘well-educated’ proves to be somewhat elusive. I invite you to put aside all that you currently know or believe about education and consider these questions that I think begin to get at the heart of ‘well-educated.’

1. Is it more important for graduates to have a wealth of facts committed to memory or that they know how to access, analyze and apply information to solve real-world problems?

2. Are we seeking to graduate good test takers or creative problem solvers?

3. Is it more important that every student graduate with the same number of Carnegie Units of Learning or that every student leaves high school with a deep understanding of themselves coupled with a plan for their next steps in life?

4. Do we seek to graduate compliant persons who follow directions well, or self-directed individuals who make decisions and regularly practice self-reflection?

and finally,

5. Should students learn to use technology in responsible, authentic ways to connect and collaborate with others around the globe or in the name of safety, should learning be more controlled and limited to local resources?

About Deb

I am a lifelong educator with experience in special education, counseling and staff development. Special interests outside of my chosen career field include entrepreneurship, investing and financial literacy.
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1 Response to What do we really want for graduates?

  1. mmmm says:

    what is a school role when it finds out about cyber bullying ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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