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Educating Kids in a Digital World

A colleague of mine has asked the following question of literally thousands of educators. “If asked, how would high schools students finish this sentence? “School is_________________.” Did you think of the word ‘boring?’ Congratulations, you are as tuned in as … Continue reading

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School Budgets–Doing More with Less

Like all entities dependent upon tax dollars for survival, schools are being called upon to do more with less. It has become abundantly clear to me, that educators have not embraced this crisis as a reason to explore systemic changes … Continue reading

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WHAT!!!??? No Textbooks Allowed

Without a doubt I lambasted textbooks and publishers in my last post. Many of you may be wondering, if school districts stopped buying textbooks what teachers should use to teach. To the dismay of textbook publishers, I would suggest the … Continue reading

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Textbooks–Optional, Obsolete or Necessary Evil?

The very thought of going into a classroom without a textbook as the backbone would likely cause an uprising of many educators. In fact, in a previous post, I suggested that to some degree it doesn’t really matter much what … Continue reading

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