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Yong Zhao Weighs in on “A Nation at Risk”

I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with the thoughts of Yong Zhao in his assessment of the real risks for American Education. His thoughts come just in advance of the anniversary of the infamous Nation at Risk … Continue reading

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Educating the Public for FREE

I sort of stepped on toes with some of my comments in my post titled, School Budgets, Doing More with Less. I don’t really anticipate this post will endear me to some of my readers either. However, I’m not creating … Continue reading

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TEP Charter School Points to Tenure Problem

I watched an interesting piece on 60 Minutes this evening on a charter school in New York that offers no tenure, holds high expectations for their teachers, but in return pays them $125,000 per year. Basically, they attempt to attract … Continue reading

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Student Engagement Lacking in US High Schools

As if we needed any proof, the High School Survey of Student Engagement has quantified what almost any citizen walking the streets could tell you. Kids in high schools are bored. According to survey results 66% of students who completed … Continue reading

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