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Should schools have a Facebook page?

There is no doubt that the evolution of technological advances is creating havoc for schools. For the most part, the response has not been to embrace the potential of the technologies but rather try to find a way to manage … Continue reading

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Educating Kids in a Digital World

A colleague of mine has asked the following question of literally thousands of educators. “If asked, how would high schools students finish this sentence? “School is_________________.” Did you think of the word ‘boring?’ Congratulations, you are as tuned in as … Continue reading

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WHAT!!!??? No Textbooks Allowed

Without a doubt I lambasted textbooks and publishers in my last post. Many of you may be wondering, if school districts stopped buying textbooks what teachers should use to teach. To the dismay of textbook publishers, I would suggest the … Continue reading

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Changing Role of Schools in Communities

There is no doubt that population declines in rural areas has been the norm for a number of years. As such, small communities are realizing they at a critical juncture in the road. They can either take decisive action and … Continue reading

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At my fingertips

Last week, I rode along with my husband on one of his business trips. Technology made this possible. With my laptop and a wireless USB stick I was connected to my work for all but a few miles. Additionally, I … Continue reading

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The Myth of Education

I’ve heard other presentations by Sir Ken Robinson, but this eleven minute video does a great job of really summarizing many ludicrous things about our current design in education. From the myth that a college degree will guarantee you a … Continue reading

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Creativity–Chapter 2

In a previous post titled, “The most valuable commodity in the 21st Century,” I addressed the need for schools to foster and not kill creativity. Since writing that post, a colleague shared an interesting article, titled “What Chief Executives Really … Continue reading

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