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Are teachers becoming irrelevant?

I’ve never worked in a factory, but I suspect that there was a day when factory workers could never imagine being replaced by robots. I doubt that bank tellers imagined the day when their job could be done by ATM’s. … Continue reading

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Should schools have a Facebook page?

There is no doubt that the evolution of technological advances is creating havoc for schools. For the most part, the response has not been to embrace the potential of the technologies but rather try to find a way to manage … Continue reading

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Technology in Schools

Look around you. How many examples of technology are available at your fingertips? Do you have a computer? (Laptop, desktop or tablet computer such as an iPad?) How about a smart phone? (not to be confused with a basic cell … Continue reading

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WHAT!!!??? No Textbooks Allowed

Without a doubt I lambasted textbooks and publishers in my last post. Many of you may be wondering, if school districts stopped buying textbooks what teachers should use to teach. To the dismay of textbook publishers, I would suggest the … Continue reading

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Technology use in and outside of schools

Like much of the country, we’ve been plagued with miserable weather.  This morning when I arrived at the office, I had a large box of grant paperwork, my purse and my laptop computer to carry into the office.  I normally … Continue reading

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