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Educating Kids in a Digital World

A colleague of mine has asked the following question of literally thousands of educators. “If asked, how would high schools students finish this sentence? “School is_________________.” Did you think of the word ‘boring?’ Congratulations, you are as tuned in as … Continue reading

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WHAT!!!??? No Textbooks Allowed

Without a doubt I lambasted textbooks and publishers in my last post. Many of you may be wondering, if school districts stopped buying textbooks what teachers should use to teach. To the dismay of textbook publishers, I would suggest the … Continue reading

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The Secret is Out

It’s no secret. The single most important factor impacting student learning is the classroom teacher. In fact, I’ve said, I’d take a highly effective teacher in a classroom with 30 kids over 2 classes of 15 with average teachers, any … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Secret in Education

I attended the monthly ESSDACK Curriculum Director’s meeting this morning and was quite moved by an analogy shared by Richard Soash. (He credits Jane Stuart with recognizing the analogy to education.)  Richard referenced a scene from the movie, “Flags of … Continue reading

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