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3 Factors that Impact Student Engagement

Ask any teacher about the relationship between student engagement and learning, and they’ll likely confirm that higher levels of engagement lead to improved learning. However, the understanding of what constitutes engagement may not be as universally agreed upon. For the … Continue reading

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College and Career Ready–Are they the same thing?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the dismal job we are doing when it comes to helping kids define and prepare for their path in life. It seems obvious to me that others are noting this too. … Continue reading

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Number 1 Predictor of Post-Secondary Success

We’ve all read the statistics…. —At least one in three, 4-year college graduates will end up taking a job they could have gotten right out of high school. —Approximately 70% of high school graduates will seek a 4-year degree even … Continue reading

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Educating Kids in a Digital World

A colleague of mine has asked the following question of literally thousands of educators. “If asked, how would high schools students finish this sentence? “School is_________________.” Did you think of the word ‘boring?’ Congratulations, you are as tuned in as … Continue reading

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What do we really want for graduates?

There seems to be little dispute about the idea that a well-educated society is a key predictor for the economic success of a country. However, defining ‘well-educated’ proves to be somewhat elusive. I invite you to put aside all that … Continue reading

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Digital Learning as a Catalyst for Education Reform

In a previous post, I criticized holding schools accountable for learning results in a system designed around time. Some may have misunderstood my position, believing I don’t think schools should be held accountable. Nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

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NCLB–Unrealized Expectations

As the name implies, NCLB was the legislation designed to ensure that “No Child Would Be Left Behind.” Of course, from the onset, it was clear that nobody really believed this would happen. After all, each state was required to … Continue reading

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At my fingertips

Last week, I rode along with my husband on one of his business trips. Technology made this possible. With my laptop and a wireless USB stick I was connected to my work for all but a few miles. Additionally, I … Continue reading

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The Myth of Education

I’ve heard other presentations by Sir Ken Robinson, but this eleven minute video does a great job of really summarizing many ludicrous things about our current design in education. From the myth that a college degree will guarantee you a … Continue reading

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The list is coming….Schools that don’t measure up.

For most of the world, 2014 is simply the year after 2013 and the year before 2015. However, for educators, it is the infamous year in which 100% of all students are expected to test at the ‘proficient level’ in … Continue reading

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