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Do students have shorter attention spans today?

Talk to almost any educator, and they will support the idea that this technologically rich world is ‘re-wiring’ the brains of students. This makes perfect sense if you think about how the brain develops. Without a doubt, early experiences in … Continue reading

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Educating Kids in a Digital World

A colleague of mine has asked the following question of literally thousands of educators. “If asked, how would high schools students finish this sentence? “School is_________________.” Did you think of the word ‘boring?’ Congratulations, you are as tuned in as … Continue reading

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Changing Role of Schools in Communities

There is no doubt that population declines in rural areas has been the norm for a number of years. As such, small communities are realizing they at a critical juncture in the road. They can either take decisive action and … Continue reading

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Student Motivation

Teachers who tell that you kids that today just aren’t motivated truly don’t understand much about motivation.  It might, however be accurate to say that some kids aren’t motivated to do the things they being are asked to do in … Continue reading

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